Viðar is arguably one of Iceland’s most experienced mountaineers. He has made his way up most of the highest peaks in Iceland. He was also the subject of a documentary (Ama Dablam – Beyond the Void, 2009) about his expedition up Ama Dablam – a 6,856 m peak in the Himalayas – which he attempted with Simon Yates, who you might know from the film Touching the Void (highly recommended!). In his spare time, Vidar teaches advanced mountaineering courses.

As a guide, the mountains are his specialization along with glacier hiking, climbing, hiking, and cross-country skiing. He enjoys showing guests the ever-changing landscape of Iceland.

Viðar joined the Icelandic Safety and Rescue services at the age of 17. In the past, he has also worked as a carpenter and fisherman.