Recent Volcanic Activity

January 20, 2024

 Iceland continues to be a safe destination for travelers despite the recent volcanic eruption near Grindavík on Reykjanes Peninsula. Key takeaways:

  • The eruption, which lasted for two days from January 14th to the 16th, was localized to Grindavík, a small fishing village in southwest Iceland. The area had been evacuated, ensuring no danger to residents.
  • Daily life elsewhere in Iceland was unaffected and flight operations continued as normal  throughout.
  • Icelandic authorities, including the Meteorological Office and emergency services, are closely monitoring the situation with top-level scientific support given the possibility of a recurence.
  • Iceland is one of the world’s most active volcanic regions and has developed robust preparedness measures along with a world-class team of geoscientists.
  • The eruption’s impact was highly localized, and there are no immediate threats to the broader region.

With over 30 active volcanic systems, Iceland is no stranger to volcanic activity. The most recent eruption is the fifth to occur on Reykjanes peninsula in the last three years.