The clients said they are having an amazing time and specifically mentioned that they love Kristjan!! Thank you again for making this one happen!
Kimberly G., Virtuoso travel advisor, November 2017

The family had a great time. They enjoyed the pace of their itinerary as well as Stefan. Thank you for providing such a memorable trip for my client!
Arlene B., Virtuoso travel advisor, September 2017

You all are terrific!! It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to working together on more trips in the future. Once again, thanks so much to Rósa and everyone else who made this trip very special for the family. We did hear from them since they got back and they had a great time and experience.
Harlee R., Virtuoso travel advisor, September 2017

I heard from my clients. They raved about their guide Lars!! He was the best guide they have ever had anywhere! He made their trip. They were very happy.
Karen T., Virtuoso travel advisor, August 2017

I had the same wonderful guide that I had last year. It was like old home week and we had a great time. I think they do a good job.
Carla C., August 2017

It was an incredible trip and we all had an amazing time! Thor was the perfect choice for us.
Cindy G., August 2017

Nothing but raves for Karl from my client! They also LOVED The Sands Hotel. They discovered the bakery near-by and went as often as possible! Thank you for your excellent planning.
Suzy O., Virtuoso travel advisor, August 2017

The family was so happy with their trip! One of the best they have ever made! Everything was perfect and they really loved their guide! So send all the best to the people that work with you on this booking. We are so happy that everything worked out in a stunning way!
Linda G., August 2017

Very good and addressed all needs and concerns. Always willing to help and be there.
Christopher I., August 2017

We're back, safe and sound, from our Icelandic adventure. We had a great time, and it was wonderful (as always) to spend two-on-one time with our granddaughter. She was a good sport about trying new experiences and tasting the strange and unfamiliar cuisine of that country. Personally, I consider Iceland to be a once-in-a-lifetime travel destination. I want to compliment our tour guide - Borgthor Steffansson ("Thor") He was fun and knowledgeable, and he made our travels through Iceland more enjoyable than they would have been with a less personable guide. He was wonderful, and we would highly recommend him to anyone who is traveling in Iceland. Thanks for setting up our trip - everything went very smoothly.
Katy K., August 2017

You are a gem, Rósa! Thanks so much for what I anticipate to be a perfect ending to a fantastic journey with Kristjan, you, and Iceland Encounter!
Tom K., July 2017

I wanted to share my thoughts with you on our journey. Overall I would definitely give it a 10 out of 10. The weather certainly played a huge role in this as I kept thinking every day – wow , what a beautiful day so we were truly blessed for sure.
Malaka H., July 2017

Many, many thanks for a great 3 days here in Iceland! Lárus Karl Ingason was an absolutely, terrific guide and a really delightful companion. We are most grateful he was selected to accompany us. We are an older couple and consequently, Karl’s thoughtfulness, patience, good judgment and sense of humor were much appreciated. Without being the slightest bit overbearing, it was obvious he was always looking out for our welfare and comfort. He did so most effectively. He is a careful and knowledgeable driver and we felt entirely safe in his vehicle. In addition, Karl’s photographic skills and experience were a real plus. He couldn’t have been more helpful in making sure camera settings were appropriate and that we were able to get to the right places for taking good pictures. It was clear at all times Karl is extremely informed about Iceland’s history and culture, as well as current events. We thoroughly enjoyed chatting with him for many hours and wholeheartedly recommend him without reservation. Most importantly, he is a delightful human being, a truly nice person, something that one can really appreciate if you’re going to be spending three full days together.
Lawrence S., July 2017

I'm in love with Iceland. I could stay two more weeks to hike, birdwatch, ride horses and try to see the Arctic fox. Not sure I've ever been anywhere as authentic and unspoiled. Everything was great. Wonderful itinerary. I want to plan a return trip, to the north coast and westfjords. And to see Northern Lights.
Norvell W., July 2017

A wonderful experience and service. Excellent guides.
Eli C., July 2017

Thank you for a wonderful time in Iceland. Everyone enjoyed the trip and your expert guidance was a big contributor! Guiding a group of 25 people with all age ranges is no doubt a big challenge, but you smoothed out the bumps with just the right touch. I know everyone enjoyed your commentary which had the perfect mixture of facts and humor. And the unscheduled visit to your family farm was a big treat beyond the convenience of the bathroom!
Bill W., July 2017

We had a blast on our trip! Thank you for working on the itinerary and all the research and changes along the way that you made.
Christie R., July 2017

We had a wonderful trip! Our guide Stephan was great and all was smooth. The weather even cooperated. Iceland is beautiful!!
Bonnie K., July 2017

We had an amazing time!! Thank you. We particularly enjoyed the ATV adventure. Horseback riding. And Vidar. He was the best.
Cyna C., June 2017

I finally connected with the clients and they LOVED every part of Iceland and in fact wished they had more time with Carl. They thought the photographer did a great job and even though the weather to a local might not have been great—they LOVED it. They just received “proofs” from the photographer and were going thru them all with fond memories. Thank you for all you did to help.
Virtuoso Agent, Leah B., June 2017

We have had a wonderful time thanks to you and our two great guides !!! Kristian and Berglind have been perfect for us-- taking care of all of us and seeing to our every need. We certainly recommend them to everyone!! We all love Iceland and thank you for your efforts in putting together a wonderful package for us.
Lettie G., June 2017

Thank you SO much for the wonderful trip for my client. I've spoken to them several times while they were in Iceland and they LOVED everything about their trip in Iceland! They adored Thor and told me today they miss him! He was great company and they invited him to dine with them several times. They said each day was amazing and they had no low points.
Virtuoso Agent, KC H., June 2017

Trip of a lifetime, amazing guides, all perfect!
Susie W., June 2017

Sadly, we did not meet in person during our wonderful stay in Iceland- and therefore wanted to use this avenue to express our appreciation for all support from your team. We were most impressed and very happy with our guide, Stefan. He has all the traits a great guide requires and offered us 5 fabulous days. He really was the perfect match for our group. We do look back on so many beautiful images, impressions, and marvelous food that it will take a while to process it all. Nonetheless, we wanted to send you a quick note reporting our happiness with the trip, and above everything, our guide Stefan. A heartfelt Takk and Thank you from all four of us.
Thierry C., June 2017

Iceland Encounter planned an amazing trip for us. Our guide was efficient, had a delightful personality and was very knowledgeable about Iceland. We saw everything that we wanted to see and then some. We wouldn't have changed a thing!
Sue S., March 2017

Thank you for a wonderful Iceland vacation. My family and I had a fantastic trip and you were correct about Boggi, he made the trip special in every way.
Kathy S., March 2017

Thank you for your wonderful guidance in planning our trip to Iceland. We fell in love with the country. Our guide Kristjan was amazing and after getting to know us the first day, reorganized our itinerary. He showed us his backyard. Iceland Encounters was wonderful in every aspect of the trip. I do not know what we missed, but the trip to Glacier Lagoon and Diamond Beach was one of the many highlights of our trip. Starting our trip with breakfast in the fishing village was the perfect way to be introduced to the country and gave us an insight into the culture of Iceland. I cannot spell or pronounce any of the places we visited, but can say the landscape is magical. Hiking on the glacier was a huge accomplishment for us. Lunch at the greenhouse was fun and delicious. Your clothing recommendations were spot on. The guided tour at the Harpa Concert Hall where our guide gave us an impromptu concert in the hallway and allowed us to attend a children’s school performance was perfect. The three-hour restaurant tour which turned into a six hour feast and celebration will not be forgotten. Our host Jon Felix was delightful and very knowledgeable. All hotel accommodations were great. The food no matter how small the town was excellent. Icelandic fish and chips was a good recommendation. Our dinner at Dill was extraordinary. Thank you again for helping to create an amazing vacation.
Jeffrey P., February 2017

We had a fantastic trip to Iceland. It is a beautiful country with so many diverse landscapes and weather patterns. It was a great short break and I would love to return during the summer months as we only saw a small area of the country. The itinerary was very well planned out. Our Iceland Encounters guide, Ragnheidur was pleasant, extremely knowledgable and enjoyable company.
Cheryl M., January 2017

Thank you for providing them with such fantastic service. I am so happy that they enjoyed their trip.
Virtuoso Agent, Jill G., October 2016

We had an outrageously incredible time and were constantly delighted with every new aspect of Iceland to which we were introduced. Your country is very special and unique! So many adventures and all of a fabulous calibre. Hard to pick a favorite! We loved Snorri and were so appreciative of his energy, humor, knowledge and skill. He was superb in working our schedule to meet the interests and demands of our crew. Truly an amazing experience and the perfect place to celebrate an engagement, two birthdays and life.
Beth E., October 2016

We wanted to thank you for all of your efforts in putting together our visit to Iceland. Everything went smoothly and according to schedule. We enjoyed the various hotels and thank you for making the restaurant reservations. We liked both restaurants. The Grill Market was probably our first choice. We also liked the hot dog stand. Oskar, who drove us on Tuesday and Sunday, was very pleasant. We really enjoyed the breakfast in Grindavik our first morning. The owner of the restaurant sat and talked with us while we ate. He was very pleasant and informative. The Blue Lagoon was very organized and well-run. It was probably the most "touristy" of all of the places that we visited. Teddy was fun to be with. He certainly knows his way around the country. All in all, a great trip. We will look forward to coming back to see some more of your beautiful country. Thanks again for making sure that everything ran smoothly. I know that it takes some effort to make everything appear effortless! When we come back to Iceland, we will certainly use your services again.
Doug H., October 2016

Words cannot convey what a wonderful trip we had last week. The itinerary, accommodations, weather, food and your beautiful country could not have been any more fantastic! Also, Oskar Olafsson made every part of the journey more special. Oskar obviously loves his country dearly and loves to share it, and his knowledge with we tourists! The places that he took us were indescribable to say the least. Thanks for all the hard work that you did on our behalf….also got to see the Northern Lights.
Jack W., October 2016

I wanted to thank you again for coordinating everything. The weekend was spectacular and everything was perfect.
Spencer P., October 2016

I spoke with my client and they had an amazing experience in Iceland. She said the guide was excellent and that they would highly recommend him. She liked how he was knowledgeable, flexible and never said no to a request. She thought all the accommodations were adequate and loved Hotel Budir. They were very pleased that we added the stop at the Blue Lagoon when they arrived. They were also glad we added the trip to Grimsey.
Virtuoso Agent, Carol J., September 2016

Thanks for helping plan an awesome trip - great country and great visit. Our guide was outstanding - he really made it an experience we could not have had on our own.
Joe B., September 2016

THANK YOU for a truly incredible vacation. Our trip to Iceland was our favorite family trip ever. Everything was planned perfectly. Our guide was fabulous. We cannot thank you enough. Would HIGHLY recommend you both to all of our friends. Can’t wait to plan another trip back!
Karen Z., September 2016

The trip was terrific – Iceland especially. Can’t say enough positive things about our guide, Sola. She was so lovely to be with for five days and took us to great places and enabled us to do some great hikes that we likely wouldn’t have found on our own. We feel so fortunate to be able to use these private guides – it makes the trip so much less stressful and enables us to do much more in a day than we could do if we were driving ourselves, navigating, etc.
Marilynn K., September 2016

The Iceland portion of our trip went well and without a hitch. The hotel we stayed at was conveniently located in the center of town. The guides were very good. We enjoyed every minute of our time in Iceland. We originally decided to go there out of curiosity and because Iceland Air makes it so convenient. But we found that Iceland had much to offer for tourist like us. The moon-like surface, the geothermal sites, the waterfalls, etc. were great. The itinerary you helped put together was just right.
Andy O., September 2016

Our family had the most awesome trip to Iceland! We loved everything we did, and our guide, Snorri, was outstanding! He made the trip especially interesting and fun. He is very knowledgeable with diverse interests so it was such a treat to be with him all week. We miss him! We loved Iceland and want to return.
Karen K., September 2016

We loved grill market and fish company! Volcano and glacier tours were our faves !!! Tour guide on glacier - Bia- amazing!! Valdi- amazing! Loved Frioheimar- delcious and unique lunch and experience. A do not miss. Lava Restauarnt at blue lagoon- really beautiful and good too. Safari jeep tour in second day- awesome and hiking. Great country- wld def come back!!!
Nina J., August 2016

Iceland Encounter made our journey to Iceland most enjoyable and worthwhile. Our guide Teddy was most enjoyable, knowledgeable, and provided a great local flavor to the journey. Our hotel was centrally located and comfortable. Our transfers were comfortable, friendly, and reliable. I would recommend them for anyone wanting a customized visit to Iceland.
Michael H., July 2016

I just received a GLOWING report from my client. Said the trip was the #1 Adventure trip they’ve ever been on—and they’ve had a few. LOVED Thor especially.
Virtuoso Agent, Martha R., July 2016

The clients had the BEST time in Iceland. Thank you so much for making this the most memorable trip for them, and for all the hard work – you are awesome and it’s so nice to work with partners like you!
Virtuoso Agent, Lana S., July 2016

Iceland was FANTASTIC. I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Stefán Gustafsson as a guide/driver. He was the perfect balance of information and peace. He put up with cranky teens (and adults) and had a tremendous amount of knowledge about the geography and geology.
Laura M., July 2016

I heard from her today and she had only GREAT things to say about the trip. They absolutely LOVED the trip and their guide made it a lifetime experience. They now want to come back in the winter. She said the restaurant suggestion were perfect and the kids enjoyed a trip and did not complain. Thank you for an incredible trip.
Virtuoso Agent, Margaret W., June 2016

The trip was really good. The planning of where to go was perfect. The restaurants were fabulous, especially fish company. We also like fish market and lamb at Ostabuddin. The best part was Valdimir. He was great fun and interesting and we all had similar senses of humor. The Ranga hotel was really nice with a terrific dining room, and we liked the look of the hotel as well. The Klauster restaurant was also excellent. We felt comfortable and safe in Iceland.
Nancy M., June 2016

My family and I are back from our absolutely fabulous trip to Iceland. We had a great time and I wanted to thank you and your company for everything that you did for us. All of the accommodations, tours, logistics, and recommendations were wonderful and flawless. We met great people and learned a great deal about Iceland, its people, its culture, and its incredible natural beauty. Hotel Alda was perfect for us as was Hotel Grimsborgir. The activities you arranged for us were all spectacular. We particularly enjoyed the glacier hike and the trip down into the volcano, but everything else we did and saw was excellent as well. Our guide, Solrun Jonsdottir (Sola) was absolutely perfect. She quickly understood us and our desires and she added a great deal to our trip. She was a great source of information, and our life has been enriched by getting to know her. I have passed all of our experiences and thoughts on to our travel agent in the US so she knows how pleased we were with all your good service and have highly recommended you and your company to her for future use for future clients interested in a great trip to Iceland. We had the fortunate experience of watching Iceland beat England last Monday with about 10,000 other Icelanders in the square in Reykjavik and that was an added bonus. While yesterday's game did not have the same happy ending, Iceland now has 4 more fans in the world. Afram Iceland!
Richard S., June 2016

It was awesome, everything I was hoping for. The itinerary was very busy, but we knew that would be the case. But we hit everything we should have and a great mix of activities. Thank you for all your help!
Richard E., May 2016

They were really surprised the way you reorganized accordingly with weather situation or other circumstances their daily program without waiting for the client to request it, he said Iceland Encounter is the best Virtuoso supplier.
Virtuoso Agent, Ana M., April 2016

The team at Iceland Encounter put together a perfect itinerary for our family of four - on two weeks' notice! Omar guided us through the wonders of the frozen countryside and caused us to fall hopelessly in love with this country. We saw remote areas only accessible via a 4X4, we could adjust our planned itinerary when we wanted, and the two photographers in the family had the chance to linger to get the perfect shot. We were sad to leave after a week, but we'll be back. Janet D., January 2016

We had a wonderful week in your country! We saw everything we’d hoped to see, and things we hadn’t even known existed. A great deal of the wonderfulness we owe to Thorey. We couldn’t have asked for a more delightful, knowledgable, interesting, friendly and competent guide. We will recommend Iceland Encounter and Thorey to anyone we know who’s planning a visit to Iceland. Also, we were very happy with your restaurant recommendations and other tips--and the champagne and goodies awaiting us at the last hotel was a delightful and most welcome surprise. Thank you! Don and Paulina S., October 2015

Kristjan was an especially great guide. They had a wonderful time overall and the said she wouldn't change anything! Thanks again.
Virtuoso Agent, Tanney, September 2015

OMG - wonderful, fantastic - words do not describe!!! This was an excellent trip and thank you so much for putting it together for us. Liza G., August 2015

Our Iceland adventure was amazing. The itinerary was exceptional and although it would have been great to have an extra day here we had three action packed days. The guide, Stefan was outstanding and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The country hotel was incredible and the mountain guide who took us up the glacier was one of the most interesting people I had ever met. The transport to/from the airport went well. Having the day free before we started definitely worked for us as we were able to see a bit of the capital at our own pace.
Hayes family, August 2015

We just finished our first week and wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed touring with Egill. We have traveled as a family all over the world and have never had a more enjoyable relationship with a guide. Egill is knowledgeable, interesting and friendly. It was like traveling with an additional family member.
Eric D., August 2015

Thank you for the most amazing week in Iceland. My only regret was not having my other two children with us. Our days were fabulous and coming home to cars and traffic was a little bit of a culture shock, even when gone only 6 days. Elizabeth and I went to our little beach nearby to watch the sunset, but not quite the same, to say the least when think about sunset at Hotel Ranga.
Betsy S., August 2015

Clients report that they are delighted and that the guide is awesome and perfect for them. Please pass that on to the guide. Thank you and congrats!
Virtuoso Agent, David., August 2015

I arrived back last night after a great week in Iceland. Encounter Iceland made sure all our reservations were correctly made and airport transfers worked. We had a great guide, Vidar Helgason, who took us to many off-the-beaten-track areas for hikes and general sightseeing. Reykjavik was a fun little city as well. You should keep Encounter Iceland on your good list. Definitely a destination that is worth going back to, as we saw only about 1/3 of a very interesting and varied country. Thank you for your efforts in making this work out so well.
Bill A., August 2015

We had a wonderful trip! Thank you for organizing such a fantastic itinerary and guide, and for making it all so easy. We all had a great time.
Rebecca K., July 2015

Iceland above and beyond – both hotels first and the last night – brilliant! The tour operator and the guide were awesome and the trip was brilliant from beginning to end. Egill our guide didn’t talk too much or too little – it was great. Flatey Island was amazing, the accommodation was suffice and the food was incredible! One of the best places I’ve been to.
Rachael, July 2015

Our Iceland trip was both epic and magical. Our guide Kristjan was tremendous - the best guide we've ever had on any of our trips, and a truly special person.
Ken F., June 2015

We are very happy with all our experience in Iceland, we fall in love with your country, your people.... With All, it's a very special place!!! Our trip was perfect! We were talking all these days how wonderful was everything, tank you very much! You were very nice and Sola was amazing!
Hope we can come back soon and being writing you for a new trip, we are gonna recommend you with our friends and family a lot! Thanks again for everything!
Becky S., June 2015

My client had a fabulous (albeit cold) time! They were very impressed with their guide, loved their culinary tour and also enjoyed their drop into a local ‘farm’ to hear about the impact of the volcanic ash. Thanks so much!
Virtuoso Agent, Jo F., June 2015

We thank you for the beautiful tour you have arranged for us. Especially Steinar was a very great guide. We enjoied Iceland so much. If we are able to travel again to Iceland we would be happy to contact you. You have such a beautiful country.
Annemarie R., June 2015

Just wanted u to know how thrilled we all were with our trip. Bryndis could not have been better. She took great care of us, was a terrific historian n a superb guide. We had a great time.
Simon A., June 2015

It was amaaaazzing! Best vacation EVER! Thank you so much for everything! You did an awesome job! Our tour guide gets 5 stars!
Hannah H., May 2015

I wanted to say thank you for organizing an amazing itinerary for our company trip to Iceland. You exceeded our expectations at every level. The events, the restaurant and food choices, were perfect.
Darren E., May 2015

We just returned from a fun adventure in Iceland. Many thanks to Rosa and Kristjan, for organizing, and re-organizing our itinerary. As a storm was to roll in, Kristjan made sure we fulfilled our goal to see as many of the sites and sounds as possible. We not only went to waterfalls, but we went inside and over as well! Great local stops for fresh tomato soup, fresh fish and fine dining. The 'super jeep' helped us travel through ice and winds, and we even got a glimpse of the Northern Lights!
Holley and Phil M., February 2015

The Forts raved about their trip! They felt that having a private tour and guide was definitely worth the extra cost, which wasn’t that much. They got so much more information and enjoyment. The flexibility was great also, especially when they ran into weather issues. They ended up loving the western part of Iceland the most!
Carrie M., Virtuoso travel advisor, February 2015

A very big thank you for organising our fantastic stay in your beautiful country. Kristjan was an excellent guide and everything went as well as could be expected making for a very relaxed enjoyable time for us all. Thank you also for Andy's complimentary birthday dinner in Reykjavik. We enjoyed the food and restaurant so much that we returned for our last night! We will cherish very happy memories in Iceland.
The Watson family, December 2014

Every step of it was perfect! We loved our guide, Thor; our itinerary was interesting and diverse; we DID get a wonderful evening of northern lights; and your city's New Year's eve celebration was simply AMAZING!! I am not sure any other future New Year's party will compare.
The Morrison family, December 2014

It is difficult to avoid superlatives when reviewing Icelandic Encounters. Everything of course went smoothly, but that is only what one can expect. There were so many extras above and beyond the "smoothly". KristÍn had noted my interest in the Icelandic sagas, and attributed us a guide who is an expert in the field. A writer and a poet, Friđrik took us under his generous and hugely erudite wings, and put up cheerfully with eight solid days of our relentless questioning, at the same time ensuring our every comfort and humouring our every whim. Needless to say he has become a friend, and we look forward to our next meeting in or even out of Iceland.
Nick M., June 2013

This was a fantastic experience. It is has been one year since our trip and we are still talking about how much fun we had and how much we want to go back. Everything was planned perfectly to maximize our time there. Snowmobiling and hiking on a glacier. Waterfalls. Geysers. Volcanos. Museums. Touring a geothermal plant. Blue Lagoon. Travleing with our guide, Valdimar, was amazing. He took such good care of us. I fell in love with Iceland.
Lisa M., January 2013

We would not hesitate to give Iceland Encounter the highest marks! Our trip was the perfect combination of trekking and touring. We had a group of 22 New Yorkers ranging in age from 19-65. Erling knew exactly how to "manage" all of us. He worked terrifically well with us as we were planning our trip and designed a custom itinerary based on our requests--EXCEPT that he designed it in a way that far surpassed our expectations. Our trip was fun, informative and diverse. Every meal was fantastic (even on the trek), the hotels were top notch, and every detail attended. Iceland is a geographic and cultural marvel--and Erling brought it to life for us. All of us look forward to a return trip with Iceland Encounters!
Laura C., August 2011